Sunday, July 12, 2009

Proactol Discount

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Proactol Fat Binder

Fat binding relates to a method for treating obesity by removing fat from the body prior to digestion, with no side effects. Sometimes referred to as a “fat magnet”, a fat binder causes weight loss by binding with fats in the stomach, and preventing them from being digested, absorbed into your bloodstream and stored in the body.

After a meal, fat materials floats on the surface of the stomach. The fat binder interacts with food lipids in the upper part of the stomach and it binds with these fats immediately to form a fluid gel around them. This makes the fats complex too large to be absorbed by our body. They cannot be absorbed into the small intestine and they are eliminated naturally and harmlessly through the gastric system. This natural process helps reducing the amount of fat and calories from the food that stays in your body.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Proactol’s unique formula and its fat binding properties has an effect of retention of 27% of lipids. This means that if you take Proactol pills after each meal it will block dietary fats and decrease the intestinal absorption of the lipids by 27%. Proactol is not an herbal supplement, it is a unique patented fiber complex that is a 100% natural.

Following a heavy meal, fat-binding facilitates the removal of fat from the body prior to digestion. Fat that is never gained never needs to be lost! No more starvation diets! It allows you to eat all the foods you love and still lose weight in a quick and easy way. Unlike with dangerous prescription medications, there are no known negative side effects or particular discomforts.